Product Updates

version 19.3

26th August 2022
Improved error handling and alert messages.

Server ⚙️
Fix transaction rollback management in translations translate_pages, translate_pages_confirm, create_geo_object.

⚙️ Webapp build #63 ⚙️
Fix conflict between source and target warnings.
Fix memory leak within AnimatedCheck.

⚙️ Deployment ⚙️
Purge warnings on source text objects:    update geo_objects set warnings = '[]'    where package_type = 'source'    and warnings is not null and warnings != '[]';

version 19.2

12th July 2022
Improved navigation and export properties.

⚙️ Server ⚙️
JSX export: Add a default paragraph style and a default (empty) character style ; Give localized full names to character styles ; Fix InDesign crash when the script tries to reopen a previously closed Notes panel ; In the launcher, allow browsing through folders on Mac.

⚙️ Webapp build #62 ⚙️
Fix RTE Capitalizations menu selection.
Bind Reader highlight and zoom to proofreading input tabbing.
Enable page navigation at the end of text input tabbing.

version 19 & 19.1

4th July 2022
Improved UI for the new proofreading feature.

⚙️ Server ⚙️
Proofreading: during promote or duplicate action do not add empty current texts in history.
Add basic truecasing before pre-translation.
Fix error management when DeepL is unavailable.

⚙️ Webapp build #60 ⚙️
Update style of ProofReadingOverlay to distinguish it from a pretranslation to confirm.
Display list of proofreading texts even if proofreading mode is disabled or if there is no translation.
Update TranslatorFunctionsBar layout to put SettingsMenu to the right end.
Implement new menu item type : toggle item.
Use this toggle menu item to update Translator Settings menu.
Add keep alternative lists open and keep notes lists open features to Settings menu.
Persist theses two parameters inside local storage.
Double Click ProofreadingOverlay to edit text.
Display ProofReadingOverlay on focus from keyboard tabs.
Implement keyboard shortcuts for proofreading.
Implement keyboard shortcuts resume modal.

⚙️ Webapp build #61 ⚙️
Fix warning detection on focus.

before version 19